dMap alternative? Why?

Do you live in an area that is not covered by Does it bother you that your city is rendered merely as a name next to a highway? Look no further, as dMap uses vast OpenStreetMap database to render free maps of the world, which may seem redundant if you're within covered area, but is more than useful if you aren't!

Available on Cydia!


Feeling a bit lost? Tap the GPS button and be immediately found!


Looking for something? A museum? A street? A bridge? Integrated geosearch is going to look for the nearest of each. However, don't be surprised that nearest narwhals are... not that near.


As in "speech after a few beers". Don't worry, no one is going to throw you out.

Don't like free stuff? Fine! Give me your money, then.


Latest version:

v1.0 / 11.07.2009. / 71KB