A scene... what, now?

Picture this: you've just downloaded all 31 seasons of Doctor Who: joy all around! But then, you actually open the folder. BAM! There's something evil torturing your eyes and questioning your sanity. "Doctor.Who.S03E05.And.Then.Some.Text.You.Couldn't.Care.Less.About.Which.Occasionally.Ends.With.LOL"? What's that, and why has it infected all 769 episodes in the folder?!

That, my friend, is a "scene release". Worry not, we can beat it together!

A simple solution

Open Scenery, drag&drop those ugly bastards, click a button - *poof* now you know the episode names! (internet connection is required for this bit)

Format your output, click another button - *pewpew* your files are human-readable now!

But wait, it's pattern-based as well!


It will make you feel like a battlestar commander while you pretend to know regular expressions, even if you don't!

Format your output any way you like it using generic building blocks: show name, season number, episode number, episode title. Magic!


Feel like dragging onto main table? Well, it's your lucky day! When you feel like dragging directly onto the app icon, it will be your lucky day as well. App not open? No problem! It will gladly open for your dragging sensation. Just don't forget to drop!


As in "speech after a few beers". Don't worry, no one is going to throw you out.

Don't like free stuff? Fine! Give me your money, then.


Latest version:

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